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Bait and Switch: The Woodlands Township Board Adds $5 Million to Costs of Incorporation

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Bait and Switch: The Woodlands Township Board Adds $5 Million to Costs of Incorporation

The expected cost of incorporation is already skyrocketing. In just three weeks since The Woodlands Township Board voted to put incorporation on the November 2 ballot, the cost of incorporation has ballooned by $5 million, with no explanation.

Residents discovered the additional $5 million in costs when the Township shared current incorporation financial slides during the September 16 meeting that differed from those endorsed by the board when they put incorporation on the ballot on August 13. “Incorporation is getting more expensive by the day, increasing by $5 million in just the last three weeks according to the Township’s own new financial estimates,” said Roger Goertz, resident of The Woodlands. “This further calls into question the credibility of their incorporation plan. The board endorsed a plan with different numbers than the ones they are using today, promising residents no new taxes and later increasing costs. This is the classic bait and switch.”

Recent independent expert analysis found that The Woodlands Township Board’s incorporation financial model contains major miscalculations. The rushed vote to place incorporation on the November ballot just hours after presenting the model to the public left no time for residents, or even members of the board, to carefully review the numbers or ask questions. 

“This is not the transparency we were promised when the board undertook the Incorporation Planning Study,” said Goertz. “The future of The Woodlands cannot depend on a plan that is rushed, risky and growing more expensive by the day.”