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Q: Voters overwhelmingly rejected incorporation in November 2021. What’s next for PTW?

A: Preserve The Woodlands remains dedicated to promoting the qualities and values that have made our community the best place to live, work, raise a family, and grow a business. As such, we want to ensure we elect Township leaders who will work to preserve our community and keep The Woodlands the unique, special place it is.

Incorporation Q&A

Q: Is The Woodlands Township at risk of being annexed by Houston or Conroe if it doesn’t incorporate as a city?

A: No.

Texas state laws, passed in 2017 and 2019, protect The Woodlands against forced annexation by any city. The Woodlands can’t be annexed without a vote by the residents.

Q: What happens when the annexation moratorium agreements with Houston/Conroe expire?

A: The Regional Participation Agreements, signed in 2007 between The Woodlands and these cities, protected The Woodlands from annexation through 2057. However, state laws passed by legislators in 2017 and 2019 further protect The Woodlands from annexation at any time in the future without approval by voters in our community. Those laws ensure that no city, including Houston and Conroe, can annex The Woodlands without our approval – ever.

Q: Then what is the rush to incorporate The Woodlands Township as a city?

A: There is no reason to rush incorporation because The Woodlands residents can make this decision at any time in the future without fear of being annexed by another city in the meantime.

This is a decision voters cannot get wrong – because if incorporation is approved, it is permanent; there are no do-overs. But if voters reject incorporation, it always can be placed back on the ballot in the future for voters to decide. There is no rush.

Q: Would becoming a city give The Woodlands residents and businesses more control over their personal and professional lives?

A: No. A city government would mean more taxes and regulation on residents and businesses. More government means less control over your own lives and future.

Q. What is the cost of incorporation?

A: Incorporating as a city will cost residents and business of The Woodlands substantially more in taxes and fees.

The incorporation model calls for an additional $7 million in annual fees that will be forced on residents and businesses to pay. The model also calls for depleting existing capital reserves and absorbing millions in new debt in order to pay for buildings (such as a $30 million police station), equipment and other services that already are provided under the current form of government.

Q: Would incorporation improve law enforcement services in The Woodlands?

A: If incorporated, The Woodlands residents would lose the excellent public safety services provided by the Montgomery County Sheriff and Constable Offices.

The Woodlands is fortunate to have experienced, well qualified officers – who are familiar with our community – patrolling and protecting residents and businesses.

We are fortunate to live in one of the safest communities in the country. That is because of the men and women – hired by our elected law enforcement officials – who serve and protect us.

The Woodlands residents currently vote for the sheriff and constables who provide law enforcement services. A city would appoint a police chief – taking control away from you, the voters, and placing it in the hands of city government management.

Ultimately, incorporation would sacrifice existing law enforcement services while increasing public safety costs for taxpayers.

Q: Would becoming a city give us more control over our roads?

A: The Woodlands residents currently elect county commissioners that provide road and bridge services to the community. Your current taxes provide these services. Incorporation would only increase costs to taxpayers while decreasing the quality of services for road and bridge work.