Thank You for Helping Us to
Preserve the Woodlands



The Woodlands is not just another city. Let’s not make it one.

Preserve The Woodlands is a resource for residents who believe The Woodlands is the best place to live, work, worship, and raise a family and that a rushed vote to permanently incorporate The Woodlands as a city would forever result in higher taxes and more government, irrevocably changing our community.

We believe The Woodlands is unlike any other community in Texas, built on a unique model of governance that has allowed us to thrive while keeping taxes low and government small. The negative results of incorporation would be profound, permanent, and unnecessary.

There is no impending threat or deadline to justify a vote on incorporation. However, a vote to incorporate as a city will be irreversible, no matter how negative the impact.

This is a decision we cannot afford to get wrong.

A non-partisan, fact-based education effort to inform the community about the risks of a rushed vote to incorporate The Woodlands, so voters can make an informed decision.