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Local Residents and Businesses Rally to Protect The Woodlands from Incorporation

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Local Residents and Businesses Rally to Protect The Woodlands from Incorporation

Since announcing its launch on August 16, Preserve The Woodlands PAC has raised $302,000 from concerned residents and businesses who want to preserve our quality of life and challenge the Township Board’s one-sided, taxpayer-funded campaign to promote incorporation. 

The Township Board of Directors committed many times that they would only place incorporation on the ballot during an even-year election to ensure greater voter participation.  Despite this pledge, as well as requests from residents for more time to understand the issue, a majority of the Board voted to place the issue on November’s off-year election ballot, knowing it would limit turn-out and make it more difficult for opposing voices to organize and educate residents about the hazards of incorporation. 

 “The Township underestimated the passion local residents and businesses feel about maintaining our unique governance model, keeping taxes low and containing the size of government,” said Preserve The Woodlands Advisory Board member Joel Noyes. “Our community has really rallied around efforts to defeat incorporation.”

Among the $159,175 in individual contributions to Preserve The Woodlands PAC as of October 1, were:

•           42 individual donations of $250 or less

•           12 individual donations of $500

•           15 individual donations of $1,000

•           25 individual donations of $1,500 or greater

The PAC also reported $142,000 in in-kind contributions from the Howard Hughes Corporation, a vocal opponent of incorporation since the issue was unnecessarily rushed to the ballot.

In keeping with Texas election law, Preserve The Woodlands has filed all appropriate financial disclosures with the Texas Ethics Commission, a contrast to the lack of transparency demonstrated by the Township and its allies.