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VOTE ON SATURDAY, MAY 7 for MUD Directors!

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VOTE ON SATURDAY, MAY 7 for MUD Directors!

Municipal Utility Districts, or MUDs, are political subdivisions that provide services such as infrastructure, water, sewer, and storm water drainage for unincorporated areas. They are overseen by publicly elected boards of directors, who are expected to ensure services are provided reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively, keeping taxes low.

To better inform voters, Preserve The Woodlands provided surveys to every MUD candidate who provided email addresses with their ballot applications. Below are the unedited responses submitted by the candidates who returned our questionnaire, all of whom opposed incorporation and MUD consolidation.

Those candidates are:
Neil Gaynor, MUD 6
Alan Fritsche, MUD 67
Jennifer Robinson, MUD 7
Aaron Hoffstadter, MUD 6
Marjorie Podzielinski, MUD 46
Cristal Shie, MUD 7
Julie Davids, MUD 39
Robert “Bob” Leilich, MUD 1
Bob Lux, MUD 60
Richard Stromatt, MUD 60
Paul Martin, MUD 67
Roland Johnson, MUD 67
Preserve The Woodlands is committed to keeping voters informed. Together we can ensure The Woodlands remains the best place in Texas to live, work, raise a family, and build a business.

*Some responses did not include a candidate name for attribution and those entries are not included.

Thank you,
Preserve The Woodlands