Thank You for Helping Us to
Preserve the Woodlands



Today is a monumental day for The Woodlands and the future of our community as voters have decisively rejected incorporation. The outcome of this election sends a clear and indisputable message that the people of The Woodlands do not want to turn our resident-run community into a city. We call on the Township Board to accept that incorporation is not the will of the voters, and not in the best interest of this community. It’s time to put this ill-conceived, expensive, and risky idea behind us. 

A vote against incorporation was about our love of The Woodlands and our way of life. We celebrate this victory alongside every resident and business owner who joined us in working diligently over the last three months to raise awareness and educate our neighbors about the dangers of incorporation and who cast a vote against bigger government and higher taxes. 

As a grassroots organization, formed by hundreds of supporters, volunteers, and advisory board members to defend and uphold the principles that have made The Woodlands great, Preserve The Woodlands will continue to fight for limited government, low taxes, and personal freedoms.