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Preserve the Woodlands


Local Residents and Businesses Rally to Protect The Woodlands from Incorporation

Since announcing its launch on August 16, Preserve The Woodlands PAC has raised $302,000 from concerned residents and businesses who want to preserve our quality of life and challenge the Township Board’s one-sided, taxpayer-funded campaign to promote incorporation. 

The Township Board of Directors committed many times that they would only place incorporation on the ballot during an even-year election to ensure greater voter participation.  Despite this pledge, as well as requests from residents for more time to understand the issue, a majority of the Board voted to place the issue on November’s off-year election ballot, knowing it would limit turn-out and make it more difficult for opposing voices to organize and educate residents about the hazards of incorporation. 

 “The Township underestimated the passion local residents and businesses feel about maintaining our unique governance model, keeping taxes low and containing the size of government,” said Preserve The Woodlands Advisory Board member Joel Noyes. “Our community has really rallied around efforts to defeat incorporation.”

Among the $159,175 in individual contributions to Preserve The Woodlands PAC as of October 1, were:

•           42 individual donations of $250 or less

•           12 individual donations of $500

•           15 individual donations of $1,000

•           25 individual donations of $1,500 or greater

The PAC also reported $142,000 in in-kind contributions from the Howard Hughes Corporation, a vocal opponent of incorporation since the issue was unnecessarily rushed to the ballot.

In keeping with Texas election law, Preserve The Woodlands has filed all appropriate financial disclosures with the Texas Ethics Commission, a contrast to the lack of transparency demonstrated by the Township and its allies. 

Spread the Word: Vote Against Incorporation

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Incorporation Would Put Public Safety At Risk – The Woodlands is not Prepared to Provide Sufficient Law Enforcement Services Under Incorporation

Law enforcement experts agree that The Township does not have a viable operational plan for public safety when it comes to incorporation.

Tim Oettmeier, Former Executive Assistant Chief of Police of the Houston Police Department and Joe Fenninger, Former Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Houston Police Department, have analyzed the Township’s plans in detail, and warn residents that not only are the plans inadequate, the Township’s ongoing attempts to divert attention from serious law enforcement operational issues is shortsighted, deceptive, and a disservice to the community.

“The Township does not have a viable operational plan for public safety. There are simply too many unanswered questions that will adversely affect the new city’s ability to address crime and disorder within The Woodlands. The Woodlands is not prepared to sufficiently and reliably provide law enforcement services necessary to adequately ensure public safety.”

Read more here.

Every Past Township Chair Voting Against Incorporation

All three previous Township Board Chairs, dating back to the board’s creation, are voting AGAINST the Risky, Rushed and Expensive incorporation proposal. 

They know that incorporating as a city would raise taxes, jeopardize public safety and forever change what makes The Woodlands the number one community to live in America.

Momentum Builds Against Incorporation: Community and Business Leaders

Preserve The Woodlands PAC today announced 22 additional members joining its advisory board, representing a diverse group of business owners, concerned parents, retired residents, and community leaders, all of whom oppose the higher taxes and fees, lower quality of life, and bigger government that would result from incorporation. This brings the total number of advisory board members to 50.

“When The Woodlands Township rushed incorporation onto the November ballot, they underestimated the passion local residents and businesses feel about maintaining our unique governance model, keeping taxes low and containing the size of government,” said Preserve The Woodlands Advisory Board member Joel Noyes. “Our community has really rallied around efforts to defeat incorporation and our diverse advisory board reflects the concern with the risky, rushed and expensive push to change what makes our community so special.”

The 22 new advisory board members include: 

·       Diane Bass, Retired Resident

·       Jim Blair, Retired Attorney

·       Maris Blair, Attorney

·       Belton Byrd, Retired Resident

·       Claude Hunter, Retired Resident

·       Danielle Dollar, Resident

·       Logan Duroy, Resident

·       Raegan Duroy, Resident

·       Raymond Duroy, Business Professional

·       Taylor Duroy, Resident

·       David Hall, Business Professional

·       Dan Hannon, Retired Minister

·       Dewey Jones, Retired Resident

·       Bill Leigh, Business Professional

·       Bob Leilich, Retired Resident

·       George Lindahl, Retired Business Professional 

·       Kristi Lindahl, Retired Resident

·       Rocky Del Papa, Business Professional

·       Dr. Ed Robb, Retired Minister

·       Bev Robb, Business Professional

·       Lisa Robinson, Resident

·       Frank Robinson, Business Professional

Previously announced advisory board members include:

·       Kim Bailey, Business Professional

·       Brad Bailey, Business Professional

·       Richard Franks, Retired Resident

·       Mike Black, Business Professional

·       TJ Fry, Business Professional

·       Nelda Blair, Attorney

·       Rob Gerasimowicz, Business Professional

·       Morgan Bourque, Attorney

·       Roger Goertz, Retired Resident

·       Jessica Brown, Business Professional

·       Jason Halstead, Business Professional

·       Andy Dubois, Business Professional

·       Joel Noyes, Business Professional

·       Jim Dupuis, Business Professional

·       Kate Pierce-Cassala, Business Professional

·       Ryan Edone, Business Owner

·       Judge Alan Sadler, Former County Judge

·       Rep. Rob Eissler, Former State Representative

·       Angie Signorelli, Business Owner

·       Danny Signorelli, Business Owner

·       Lauren Ellis, Business Professional

·       Jason Ellis, Business Professional

·       Alexis Van De Ven, Realtor, Business Owner

·       Kirsten York, Business Professional

·       D. Foster, Business Professional

·       Amanda Van Dusen, Business Owner

·       Alex Baeza, Business Professional

·       Pamela Franks, Realtor

Misguided efforts to abandon the township model would permanently damage the successful formula that has made our hometown not only the best place to live in Texas, but also ranked the best place to live in the United States. 

There is no threat or deadline that justifies making this risky, rushed, and expensive decision.

Underfunding Law Enforcement Will Put The Woodlands At Risk

What does it look like when you underfund a police department? 
Our state’s Capital City is finding out. Beginning October 1, 2021, in Austin, law enforcement will no longer respond to crimes, including:

  • theft
  • attempted theft of property
  • burglary of a residence, vehicle or business
  • certain auto crashes
  • verbal disturbances
  • a suspicious person or vehicles

Instead, residents and businesses can only hope a civilian will be dispatched, though the police chief warns even that will be limited based on staffing considerations.

Meanwhile, The Woodlands has the finest, most reliable law enforcement provided by Montgomery and Harris Counties.  

However, law enforcement experts warn incorporation would put that at risk. 

The incorporation law enforcement plan, which has been endorsed by The Woodlands Board of Directors as a blueprint for creating a new police department, drastically understates (by many millions of dollars) the costs of providing law enforcement services, neglects to plan for many vital police operations, and fails to address costly compliance and liability issues.

If The Woodlands were to incorporate, the only choice would be raising taxes dramatically or severe cuts to public safety.

“I have examined The Township’s law enforcement incorporation plan and share the concerns of law enforcement experts who have identified critical deficiencies. At a time when crime is rising across America, now is not the time to dismantle your law enforcement.” 
– Rand Henderson, Montgomery County Sheriff
“I stand behind the recently released assessment showing a lack of funding for law enforcement by a future city of The Woodlands and do not see a valid reason to incorporate as a city. We offer great law enforcement services through my agency and the Sheriff’s Department, making The Woodlands, Texas, one of the safest places to live, work and play.”
– Ryan Gable, Montgomery County Constable Precinct 3